Our products


Our products

range of food products

Vegetable oil

Peanut oil , Olive oil, Corn oil , Rapeseed oil, Camellia oil , Sunflower oil, Soybean oil

Cereals, Honey , Spreads

Cereal bars, cold cereals, hot cereals, jam, honey & spreads, peanut butter

Rice, Noodles, Pasta

White rice, Specialty rice, Asian Noodles, Pasta, Instant Meals, Instant Noodles

Canned, Packaged Food

Fish & Seafood, Fruits, Meat, Pickles, Preserved Bean Curd, Soup, Vegetables

Nuts & Seeds

 Snacks, Crisps, Almonds, Beans & Peas, Cashews, Mixed Peanuts, Pistachios, Seeds, Walnuts, Dried fruits and berries

Sauces, Condiments

Convenience, Curry, Chili, Spicy & XO Sauce, Ketchup, Marinade, BBQ, Herbs & Spices.


Herbal & Health Drinks, Juice, Milk & Yogurt Drinks, Coffee, Ready-to-drink Tea, Soy Drinks, Water


Chocolate, Hard Candies, Chips, Soft candies, Chewy candies. Cakes and pastries

Meat , fish , milk

Dried Beef & Pork, Dried Fish & Seafood, Milk powder and dairy products, Cheese, Fermented products


approach to each client.

The steps of our individual approach to customers:

  1. Search for the best food products on the market by quality-price criteria.
  2. Analysis of the preferences of various consumer groups and offering our customers the most requested products on the market.
  3. Analysis of the preferences of each consumer based on his preferences through the analysis of social networks, forums, etc.
  4. The choice of a nutrition plan for each of our clients based on the analysis and forecasting of the first three above points.
  5. Monitoring the nutrition of our customers using a mobile application that accumulates and analyzes the data obtained in the first 4 paragraphs of our personalization list and providing recommendations for adjusting or changing the nutrition to achieve.


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