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Innovation in food retailing

Our goal is to create a new model of food retail in modern conditions:

  • lower prices for food products (at least 35 percent lower than in existing retail channels);
  • personalization of products taking into account your goals (balanced nutrition, specialized nutrition, national nutrition, etc.);
  • nutrition monitoring and recommendations for its adjustment;
  • food delivery to your door based on a subscription model;
  • food recommendations based on your tastes and preferences;
  • prediction of new trends, directions in the development of food products and offer them to our consumers.
daily food box delivery

We daily monitor over 27 million sources of information about food prices, consumption trends to offer

the best quality at the best price for our customers.

We know what kind of food people will eat tomorrow anywhere in the world.

We create new trends in food consumption.



Father and son cooking in kitchen


Make quality food available to all, at fair prices.

Each of our food kit includes several parts:

  • A basic set that takes into account the needs of consumers in the basic ingredients of nutrition;
  • A specialized set that takes into account the needs of consumers in special needs (national cuisine, special nutrition, etc.);
  • Set of new products and trends, that take into account your personal tastes and preferences obtained by analyzing your profiles and social activity.

In percentage terms, our standard food kit:

  • 60% basic set,
  • 30% special set,
  • 10% new products & trends.

Let’s make wonders

Make quality food available to the residents of Your city or Your country.